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1927 Franklin 11 
1927 Franklin Model 11-B Five Passenger Touring        Franklin automobiles were produced between 1902 and 1934 in Syracuse, New York. Unlike most early car manufacturers that began producing cars with one and two cylinder engines, the first Franklins were four-cylinder vehicles with transversely mounted engines. This design would be used until 1906 when Franklin repositioned the engine in a conventional manner. By 1913, Franklin automobiles had become well known for their six-cylinder, air- cooled, engines and wood, chassis frames.     By the early 1920s, Franklins had built a reputation for being reliable and rugged vehicles, but sales became difficult due to their conservative designs. In 1925, in order to combat declining sales, Franklin hired a young, New York designer by the name of J. Frank de Causse to head their new design department. The new Franklin designs created by de Causse helped to boost sales through the mid-1920s.      For the 1927 model year, Franklin offered only the Model 11-B which was built on the 119” wheelbase chassis. The 11-B was powered by an overhead valve, 32 horsepower, six-cylinder engine with a cubic inch displacement of 274.2. Eleven body styles were offered this year with the bulk of the production consisting of four-door sedans. The de Causse-designed, five-passenger touring car is considered by today’s collectors to be amongst the most desirable and one of the rarer body styles produced. Priced at about 2,500.00, the 1927 Franklins cost almost five times as much a new, Model T Ford.     This 1927 Franklin Model 11-B, Five Passenger Touring Car is an amazingly well-preserved original vehicle that has not been restored but rather carefully maintained and conserved. The odometer currently reads about 56,400 miles, which are original. The car retains its original, firewall-mounted, data plate, which identifies it as chassis number 170032-1.     Today, this vehicle remains in excellent original condition throughout. The original green and black paint is still quite presentable and shows only minimal signs of wear and aging that one would expect from being 90 years old. The black leather interior is in well-preserved, very good original condition and has a look that could never be duplicated. The body, which is mainly aluminum, is extremely solid and straight. There is no evidence of any body repair. The four doors fit the body well with proper alignment. The hood has one dent but fits the body and radiator shell properly. The fenders have never been damaged or repaired. The nickel-plated parts remain in excellent original condition and have a well-preserved, mellowed glow. The dashboard, wood steering wheel, gauges and controls are still in excellent, original condition. The folding convertible top assembly retains its original, tan canvas material and is complete with a full set of original, matching side curtains.     This vehicle is complete with its rear-mounted spare tire, the correct rear light, the original Franklin Lion radiator mascot and Twin Beam headlamps.     The chassis, one of the last Franklin chassis built with a wood frame, is completely original. Upon careful examination, it does not appear that the body or any of the fenders have ever been removed from the vehicle. The chassis components show no signs of wear, neglect, or repair. The engine bay is in similar condition. The engine is complete with its Owen-Dyneto starter and generator, Atwater Kent distributor, and Stromberg updraft carburetor with its original Stewart Warner vacuum tank fuel delivery system. The Franklin starts easily and runs on the vacuum tank-- NO electic fuel pump!!!. The original wood artillery wheels are in excellent condition and retain their original hubcaps as well as older, replacement tires. The car starts easily and runs well.     This 1927 Franklin is a very scarce automobile and believed to be one of less than a dozen surviving examples of the 11-B five-passenger touring car. It is in excellent, original condition and should be preserved and maintained. Like all Franklins of this period, it is considered to be a Full Classic ™ by the Classic Car Club of America and would be a welcomed participant for Preservation Class showings, which are becoming increasingly popular at leading Concours d’elegances and shows nationwide. $35,000.  
1929 Packard 640 Custom Eight Phaeton 
The car was reported to have sold new to a Mr. Fairchild of Pennsylvania and held by his family until 1964. It was restored in 1964 by his son and driven on the famous Glidden Tour. It was sold to a known collector in Indiana in 1994 and I purchased the Packard in 2014. The older restoration has held up very well and the Packard can now be driven on any current Tour with confidence. From 2014 until the present time, it has been maintained and upgraded by restorer Bob McKeown in Ohio. The focus was to make it “Tour ready” and retain the charm of the older restoration. Inovices show over $22,000 spent from 2014 to 2108 to achieve the goal. Items replaced included the wiring harness, heavy duty battery cables, added turn signals in the running lights, a rebuilt water pump, radiator, etc. etc. The list is long and I would be happy to discuss it with any potential buyer. As you can see in the pictures, the Packard has a dual windscreen, new side curtains-PLUS the originals, a chrome stone guard and a compliment of period driving lights, sliding boy hood ornament and wind-wings. A personal inspection will also disclose how well the paint and chrome have been maintained over the years. Priced to sell at $120,000.
1957 Fiat 1100 103 TV 
1957 Fiat 1100 103 TV Vignale Desiree Coupe This Fiat 100 103 TV Vignale Desiree is of huge importance in both Fiat and Vignale history, as it is one of three built by Fiat’s Special Race Shop to compete in the 1957 Mille Miglia. They ran and won in the Category “Tourism Special Class 1300cc” or “Turismo preparato” (Tourism Prepared) against the Peugeot 203, Lancia Appia, etc. The TV “Turismo Veloce” was not a standard Fiat 1100 103 model. It has a special engine tuned for the Mille Miglia. The engine developed 55 HP instead of the 40HP in the standard model. It also had a special Weber 36 DCLD 3 carb made on the same design of the ones installed in Ferrari’s, Maserati, etc. It was called “fuso in terra” meaning “fused to the land” because of the special construction process. ** (Note) The above information was assembled by Allesandro Bruni (Florence Italy) Historian This car is also important because the body was designed by Giovanni Michelotti, and built by Vignale Coachworks. Michelotti was one of the greatest free lance designers of automotive history. He designed early racing Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and other famous marques. I have the drawings on file that he sourced to Vignale for the build where the cars were hand built!! All three cars were finished in Silver and black as presented. Standard steel wheels were used for racing and wire wheels were on the car for Shows. I have both sets of wheels. I purchased the car in Italy and became the third owner from new. The original registrations are still with the car as well as the Italian license plates. This car has been invited to participate in the Mille Miglia Re-creation in Italy and also to grace the lawn at Pebble Beach. I am sure both invitations are still available to a new owner.