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1886 Benz  
1886 Benz Patentwagen Replica This exacting re-creation of the first Benz model was created by John Bentley Engineering in the UK. Considered the most authentic recreation of the first working Benz design, these vehicles were made between 1986 and 1997. This vehicle was constructed in 1990, being one of the earlier of the small production. Bentley and his team were granted access to the original Benz in preparation for the project, and this vehicle is so faithful to the original, that Mercedes Benz acquired a group of cars for their Dealer network. This example was part of the former Donnington Collection in the UK. It was sold to a US collector in 1997 and had remained in his museum until 2019. The Benz is a magnificent display and ready for a prominent display in any collection. I can arrange enclosed shipping to the new owner. Sold on a Bill of Sale. $55,500.
1908 Stevens-Duryea X 
1908 Stevens-Duryea Model X Touring Stevens-Duryea offered the Model X for two years. It was equipped with a 25hp. T head 4 cylinder engine which many owners felt produced much more powerful than advertised by the company. The 3 speed sliding gearshift made shifting easy as well. This 5 passenger model sits on a 124 inch wheelbase. The open cockpit is very roomy for the driver and co-pilot and allowed for a large rear seating area for 2 or 3. The “brass era” was certainly obvious by all standards on the X Model. From the radiator, headlights, side lamps to the windshield frame, shifter, clock ,speedometer, to the trimmed wooden dash, and even the floor trim and grab handles, brass could be spotted from the nose to the rear tail lamp. It’s history dates back to the original owner, Mr Henry Treadwell. From 1908 until the early 50’s , Mr. Treadwell enjoyed ownership. The next owner was well known by the vintage car community. Austin Clark, of Long Island, New York and the Long Island Car Museum prized the Stevens in his Museum Collection. He drove this very car on many Tours, including the 1955 Glidden Tour. There is an old video on U-tube showing the Stevens on the Tours. The condition today shows the car was treasured and enjoyed on the open road. Much of the paint is original as well as parts of the interior. The top was renewed some years ago and still useable. In my opinion, the Stevens should be enjoyed as is and not restored. After all, they are only original once.!! This 111 year old gem is a real prize and would enhance any collection. $159,500
1912 Simplex Model 38 
1912 SIMPLEX MODEL 38 TOURING CAR The Simplex Automobile is considered by automotive historians as one of the most significant cars built in America in the early 1900’s. The Simplex was one of the first true American sports cars. Straight from the factory they could be driven daily or raced on the weekends. They were engineered to have the ideal power to weight ratios, which in stock form, made them quite competitive racing machines of the period. The small factory was in Manhattan in a five story building. Built in limited quantities, they were priced at $6,000. That was nearly TEN TIMES the cost of a Model T Ford. Naturally, the Simplex found homes with the most prestigious families of the era. Like many luxury cars at that time, only the chassis was built by the manufacturer and the bodies were designed for the owners and supplied by companies such as Brewster, Demarest and Holbrook. This rare and desirable Model 38 Simplex (car #1150) is fitted with a Holbrook sporty four passenger Touring body and is powered by a huge four cylinder, T- head engine with a displacement of 476 cubic inches, developing and rated at 40 hp. It is equipped with a four-speed, sliding gear transmission connected to the rear wheels by a driveshaft. The wheelbase is 127 inches. Under the hood, the mighty T head engine is equipped with a Bosch ignition system and a rare period Rushmore starter. Today, this Simplex is presented with an older restoration that still looks in show condition. It earned a National First Place and Senior Award with the AACA in 1991. It also has been cared for by several well known collectors in the States. This Simplex was restored to show and tour with the various club tours. It is still in that condition. Ready for a new caretaker at $525,000.