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1931 Cadillac V-16 Imperial Landaulet Cabriolet 
1930 Cadillac V-16 Madame X Imperial Landaulet Cabriolet Body Style #4155-C Engine Number: 702584      This extremely rare 1930 Cadillac V-16 uses the Fleetwood body style designation of 4155. The proper name for this particular body style, as designated by Fleetwood, is an Imperial Landaulet Cabriolet. It is one of only eighteen #4155 landaulet body styles built for the V-16 chassis. This particular example is more specifically designated as a 4155-C and is one of only two Imperial Landaulets built with a convertible top that opens to expose only the rear seating area-a design that was made popular by many of the famous European coachbuilders of the period.     This car was sold new and delivered to the Cadillac dealer in Antwerp, Belgium through General Motor’s Export Division. At some point, it found its way to Switzerland. The last European owner retained this car for nearly 40 years before it was sold to a collector in the United States in 2012. Under the hood, the original and correct sixteen-cylinder engine, #702584.  The firewall retains the original trim tag, which clearly labels the car as the rare, 4155-C Imperial Landaulet Cabriolet, body number 18. The car also has an interesting and original brass data tag used for export models only. A copy of the original Cadillac build sheet, which accompanies this car, clearly indicates that this V-16 Cadillac retains its original engine, chassis and body components. The interior is finished in period correct, wool broadcloth. The interior was professionally replaced many years ago and appears to be correct and is in very nice condition. The rear compartment includes vanity lights and built-in arm rests. The dashboard retains all of its proper gauges and controls and features a rare Kilometer speedometer that shows the mileage to be 43,861, which is very likely to be original. The thin, die-cast trim ring is missing from the dashboard, although we believe reproductions of this part are available. The folding landau top is in very good condition and fully functional. Indeed a rare find !!! Priced at $325,000
1932 Ford Model  
1932 Ford Model B Deluxe Fordor Sedan       After building nearly five million Model A Fords from 1928 through 1931, Ford introduced a completely new car for the 1932 model year. The new 1932 Fords were completely redesigned from front to rear. The fenders were fully crowned and had dramatically, flowing proportions and the radiator shell was gently rounded with a separate, vertical grill assembly. The bodies were also completely redesigned to have a lower belt line, a lower top line, a raked windshield and the running boards were mounted directly to the frame, which, gave the car a lower and more modern appearance. The 1932 Ford would be a one-year only body design that would later become the most iconic Ford ever built. The popularity of the 1932 Ford cannot be overstated. Nearly 85 years later, the 1932 Ford is still the one of the most significant and sought after cars ever built.      Two models were built during 1932. The Model 18, which was powered by a new, V-8 engine and the four-cylinder, Model B. The Model B engine was a redesigned and significantly improved Model A engine. The power was increased from 40 to 50 horsepower and the engine featured a balanced crankshaft and a mechanical fuel pump instead of the old, gravity system used on the Model As. The intake and exhaust ports were improved and the engine had a redesigned camshaft and cylinder head. The new Model B engine proved to be robust and was considered my many to be more reliable than the troublesome new V-8.     This 1932 Model B Deluxe Fordor Sedan is a very original car that was just removed from a long-term collection. It had new paint and a proper uphlolstry installed and some light cosmetic restoration over the years but has never been taken apart. The body and fenders are all Henry Ford, original steel. There is no fiberglass or reproduction sheet metal on this car. The body is original and rock solid. The doors open and close as they should and fit the body with even gaps and margins. The hood aligns properly with the radiator shell and cowl. The fenders are just as smooth underneath as they are on the top. Underneath, the frame and chassis components are original and clean showing traces of original paint and retaining most of its original hardware. There is no evidence of any rust damage, neglect or repair. The iconic and original 1932 radiator shell and grill are original and excellent. This is a super solid and straight car.    Today, this paint shows overall minor wear but has a charming look to it. The interior appears to be partially original and shows minimal wear. It is very clean and matches the personality of the rest of the car. The chrome and stainless trim items such as the original bumpers, headlights, cowl lights, tail lights, and hubcaps are in good original condition. This is a very clean and presentable car that looks good inside and out.    The car has its original, 50 horsepower Model B engine. For reliable driving, it has been fitted with an aftermarket Tillotson carburetor, which is fed through a modern, electric fuel pump. A new water pump has recently been installed. The car starts easily and runs well. The car is equipped with its original 18” wire wheels, which have been fitted with older, replacement white wall tires.    This Deluxe Fordor Sedan is fitted with many factory and period accessories. The car has the rare, dual, side mounted spare tires-a feature rarely seen on 1932 Fords. It also has cowl lights, dual taillights, a rear mounted trunk rack, wind wings, a quail radiator cap and bud vases in the interior.    Original 1932 Fords rarely become available in today’s collector car marketplace. Most original cars were modified or built into hot rods many years ago. Finding an original, unmolested example of a 1932 Ford that has never been completely restored or modified is certainly a rare find. This Model B Deluxe Fordor is a very usable and authentic example of an iconic 1932 Ford that will become a great addition to any collection.  $32,500.00
1906 Schacht K 
1906 Schacht Model K Body #8089 Engine # 1820 This rare and exceptional early motorcar is powered by a 18-21 hp. two cylinder, opposed horizontal four cycle engine. It is mounted in the rear of the vehicle in the its “trunk like” enclosure. Although the restoration has been done years ago, the Schacht is still in show condition due to an excellent storage facitliy. Finished in navy blue and black with white stripping on the body and wheels, with maroon painted wooden wheels. The leatherette top and seating material are like new. Most importantly, the orginal body #8089 is clearly stamped on the right rear body upright in the engine compartment. After removing layers fo paint and dirt, it appeared !!! In addition, the original oiler by McCanna #2069 shows on the top of the tank. The engine # is shown on both cylinders as #1820. The unusual feature of the Schacht is the huge brass radiator covering the frontal area of the coach. The entire vehicle only weighs 1200 pounds and had a cost new of $680.00 Great museum display $45,000.